A real game changer!

Hamke Race Cars, Asphalt Super Lade Models Building a winning race car takes time, literally hundreds of hours along with the financial investment that goes with that time. We’d be foolish not to do everything we can to protect that investment, and that includes removing anything that could threaten the life of our engines. The […]

Excellent results

Barrie Richards 1955 MK1 Ford Zodiac I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Graham and the team at Serck Motorsport, they really understood the project and put together a real solution to the long term problem of high under bonnet temperature. The bespoke design fitted perfectly and has so far has produced excellent […]

High-quality product and service that’s second to none

Darren Dowling’s TVR I would like to say a huge thanks to Graham Smith and the team at Serck Motorsport. I had a nasty shunt with the car during testing and damaged the front end including the original radiator thay made for me. I was desperate to get a replacement as I was having the […]

Completely solved cooling problems

Mark Todd’s 1965 200mph GTO Massive thanks to Graham and the guys at Serck Motorsport for supplying a fantastic great big triple pass radiator that completely solved the GTO’s cooling problems. Temps have dropped from a stress inducing fan reliant average 210 deg to a more relaxed non fan reliant 160 deg…. Delivered to the […]