High Pressure Testing

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High Pressure Testing

High-pressure testing is the first part of our comprehensive racing services package. It’s very effective at sustained high pressures as we can test up to 20bar. Frankly, if we can’t find your leaks in this process, you don’t have any!

We only use Helium Grade A as leaks are then highly visible should any be present. Even the smallest pin holes are clearly evident via this process, which regular air does not show. Having completed numerous tests with Air and Nitrogen the results were not conclusive, resulting in Helium Testing due to the molecule size being the driving factor in the final test results. Both static and pressure cumulative tests are carried out on the components, which are completed on all surface areas for an absolute test result.

Our testing setup features a weir system that allows for visibility throughout the process, and our entire system is fitted with filtered water systems as well as internal tank lighting for 100% clarity while testing. All tests are carried for 15 minute minimum periods on both sides of the heat exchanger, allowing for an extensive and effective visual testing.

Throughout the processes we do not use any pulse techniques or any other methods that will cause fatigue within the heat exchangers. Our focus is using fluid dynamic systems which are not harmful to any of the units we test, giving you the data and peace of mind you need that your cooler is robust and ready for another set of laps.


  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Production Sensitivity
  • Cooler Pack Assessment
  • Racecar Pressure Ratings
  • Benchmarking Test Standards
  • Heat Exchanger Development
  • Heat Exchanger Product Validation
  • Heat Exchanger Durability
  • Header Tank Performance Development
  • Performance Data Transfer