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Over 100 Years of Racing Innovation

Top-tier performance cooling system manufacturing developed in partnership with professional racers and engine builders for high-performance cooling. Serck Motorsport’s in-house manufacturing process combines varying blends of classic and modern-day methods developed over 100 years to cater for all performance cooling and automotive manufacturing requirements.


Over a century in the making! As one of the longest established performance cooling system manufacturers to the racing industry with over 100 years of experience, Serck Motorsport provides a wide product portfolio of heat exchangers. This includes a huge range of cooling systems and associated products, all designed to meet any race or road high performance requirement.

As well as hand crafted traditional fabrication we offer full 5 axis automated CNC capability with full CAD support systems. From oil coolers to historic copper-brass units to modern day aluminium radiator designs, we can offer bespoke cooling solutions from air-to-air intercoolers, aftermarket radiators, fuel tanks and header tanks, swirl pots, pipe work, repair work designed specifically for racing or street performance.

We are equally at home with leading name race teams from Formula One to Sportsman classes as our expertise ranges from tailor-made solutions to competitively priced water, hydraulic, oil & air-cooling systems for all types of race or performance street car.

Our history speaks for itself as our future needs no introduction.

Serck Motorsport C N C Machine

CNC Machining

Our brand new 5-axis CNC machine perfectly compliments our in-house cooling package manufacture process.


A selection of high performance cooling solutions by Serck Motorsport: Radiator, Oil Cooler and Intercooler

High Performance Cooling Systems

High-performance cooling systems built to race, and work in extreme racing conditions.


Classic cooling for the Ford G T 40

Classic & Historic Cooling

With over 100 years of history, we employ traditional manufacturing methods and have a library of historic drawings.


Landrover Performance Offroad Cooling Solutions

Offroad Cooling

A high-performance intercooler range from the leading supplier to UK Landrover aftermarket specialists.


Prestige Cooler Manufacturing at Serck Motorsport

All our performance coolers are manufactured in-house with specifications set to meet the highest demands of teams in many popular motorsport genres.

We have manufacturing sites located in both London (UK) and Mooresville (US). Whether you own a classic racing car, run a racing team or simply require a bespoke cooling solution for your project, we are able to build the perfect performance cooling solution quickly using a variety of technologies and practices which have been developed over our 100 year history. These range from automated CNC machined processes for a modern robust cooling solution, to custom hand-fabricated copper brazed solution for that classic appearance.

We’re extremely proud of our prestigious history here at Serck Motorsport. You can read more below.

Graham Smith, General Manager at Serck Motorsport

Graham Smith
General Manager at Serck Motorsport

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