Flow Testing

Flow Testing is the second phase of our racing services package. This allows us to provide performance data for any given cooler type and core configuration. We record the history of an active heat exchanger throughout its working life. This allows us to monitor any changes in the performance of the unit as it progresses through time.

In preparation for flow testing, we flush all of the coolers to eliminate any contamination of the flow rig prior to the test. If the unit is oil related, an additional flushing process is required to remove all oil and contaminant deposits. We can flow up to 2 gallons (10 liters) per second, and typically provide five flow rates from the maximum flow to a minimum. We record the pressure drop in Bar which is accurate to two decimal places.

The data sheet is then populated during the live test and results all recorded. This data record includes a measure of 10% upper and lower boundary on each target point, flagged and evaluated each time the cooler is tested throughout its life. If the boundary is breached we can quickly determine the performance indicators form the data and report the findings. This is key to identifying performance degradation before it results in a catastrophic failure on the track! A failed test for example could be as simple as  a fatigue level related result due to the age of the cooler or a large debris piece wedged internally in a tube. 

From these five flow rates we record the pressure drop at each point and present this report back to our clients alongside the unit, in hard copy or electronically, along with the Micron Analysis report.