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by | 7th December, 2021 | News

Serck Motorsport expand their industry-leading Heat Exchanger Servicing for the USA with debut at PRI Trade Show 2021

Serck Motorsport, a leading service and manufacturing business dedicated to performance automotive cooling, has announced the expansion of their highly successful Racing Services business into the USA, making their debut at the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana on 9-11 December, 2021.

This unique service, developed over a decade in partnership with top-tier racing teams, is made up of a three-phase cleansing and testing regimen, and analysis of any particulate down to levels as small as one micron, ensuring high performance and mapping cooler integrity over time to proactively alert to any potential issues.

“Through over a decade of developing this service alongside some of the top racing teams in the world, we’ve put together a custom system and purpose-built equipment to ensure we identify every possible cooling system component or contamination that can compromise performance. From a mix of custom gases to test for normally undetectable leaks, to using the latest principles of fluid dynamics to ensure cleansing and testing without risk of fatigue, to measuring contaminant levels down to one micron, racing teams depend on our high levels of service. When their spot on the leaderboard can come down to a hundredth of a second, you bet 100 microns of debris vs. one micron makes a difference.”

Graham Smith, Serck Motorsport Global General Manager

What better place to introduce this unique and powerful service than the premier autosport event in the country? With more USA-based autosports like NASCAR and Indy following the global trends of achieving higher results with capped budgets and requirements for generating less parts waste, it’s an exciting time to bring this kind of industry-leading service that prolongs and improves component performance to short track racing in America.

Chris Dilbeck, Serck Motorsport USA General Manager

As part of their launch across the Atlantic, Serck has sponsored driver Erik Jones and HAMKE Race Cars in the 2021 Florida Governor’s Cup race at New Smyrna Speedway and the 2021 Snowball Derby race at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.

We push these cars’ engines to their limits in every race, and need to know they’re going to be reliable and carry us throughout the full event and across the line. At that level, any contaminants in our cooling system are going to impact on engine wear and contaminant-related component failure – being able to eliminate that and preserve power throughout the full event means one less thing I need to worry about as a driver, so I can put my full focus on the race.”

Eirk Jones, HAMKE Race Cars General Manager

Race teams and enthusiasts can see this system in action for themselves at the PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana from December 9-11 in the Serck Motorsport Booth 2943. They’ll be joined in the booth by driver Erik Jones and his car from the Snowball Derby.

Serck Motorsport launch in the United States at the P R I show
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